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The Downtown Whitby BIA is funded through a municipal levy charged to commercial tenants and landlords in the defined geographical area. The levy charged is determined based on the annual budget allocation for the BIA. On this page, you will find information about the Downtown Whitby BIA’s budget as well as proposed budgets for each year.


2018 Budget

Proposed Budget Figures

2017 Budget

At the June 26th meeting of Whitby Town Council, the Proposed BIA Budget was adopted.

Upcoming Agendas 


Archived Agendas and Minutes


Committees report to the Downtown Whitby Business Improvement Area Board of Management. They are composed of both board members and volunteers from the community. 

Events Committee

The Events Committee is the backbone of the Business Improvement Area’s advertising and engagement work. They diligently plan each event the BIA puts on, always focusing on how each event will facilitate a greater pedestrian presence downtown, more shoppers ready to spend in the stores and marketing Downtown Whitby as a destination.

Finance Committee

As a steward of public funds, the BIA must adhere to best practices and procedures in accounting for all funds disbursed  by the Board. The Finance Committee is intended to fulfill the Board’s obligation to be effective stewards by providing oversight of the BIA’s funds and conducting risk assessments regularly.

Additionally, the Finance Committee shall attempt to mitigate risks by recommending and reviewing policies to the BIA Board of Management.

Advocacy and Outreach Committee

As an organization composed of numerous businesses concentrated in a specific area of the Town of Whitby, concerns, issues, problems and successes are shared between the BIA’s members.

The Advocacy and Outreach committee will serve to reach out to members and include them in the day to day activities of the BIA as well as advocate on their behalf at BIA board meetings and to other relevant bodies as appropriate.

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